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Burrell’s Painting is a contractor providing interior and exterior painting services in the Champlain Valley. We offer high quality residential and commercial painting for all of your needs from start to finish, no matter what the size.

From a small room to a complete new home or business, or even if you just want a fresh look. 

 When you hire us, you can expect a clean cut, professional crew. It’s my goal to make working with us a pleasant experience.


Chad Burrel

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exterior painting

Exterior painting without shortcuts. We like to use the best materials available to ensure a long lasting finish, and protect your home or business for years to come.

First, Scraping

All siding and trim needs to be thoroughly scraped to remove any paint and calking that is not well bonded.

Second, Sanding

Siding and trim needs to be sanded to soften the edges of any remaining paint, and to ensure a good bond for the primer.

Third, Washdown

All siding and trim needs to be washed down with a mold inhibiter, this kills any existing mold and prevents new growth.

Forth, Bin and Penetrol

Some things can blead through paint. We use BIN, a shellac primer to spot prime knots, ink, or stains, and Penetrol on rusty nails.


The next step is to prime everything. Currently Mad Dog Primer seems to be the best available.

Sixth, Calk and Paint

We paint everything once, then calk as needed, followed by a second coat of pant to finish the job.

What Our Clients Say

As our business is brand new in 2022, there is not much to see here yet. I do Have two testimonials I need to follow up on.

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Coming soon!
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Coming soon!
Jane Doe
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Our Recent Projects

We just opened our doors in January 2022. We completed first Job in the fall (2021) and have a few booked more for 2022. As projects are finished, our recent projects will be updated here.